Toobin’ Arcade Game

I recently restored a Toobin’ arcade coin-operated (coinop) video game.  Operators have a habit of doing some of the most awful things to games, so I had to undo some damage and stupid modifications, like changing the marquee lighting BACK to florescent from incandescent (which seems to be a favorite modification of operators for some reason.)  Luckily the game board, power supply, monitor, and side art were in pretty good shape, so it was mostly fixing wiring and cabinet defects.

  • Fabricated left piece of cabinet just behind the control panel
  • Rebuilt the bottom since it was FALLING OFF!  Someone tried the “pound big nails” into it approach. Ugh
  • Replaced all the locks with common keyed locks (I didn’t have the keys to being with)
  • Tuned the monitor: focus, horz size, vert pos, etc.
  • Fabricated the missing metal bracket for the marquee lighting
  • Restored the marquee lighting back to florescent lights (“instant on” to boot!)
  • Replaced broken switches in the control panel, and corrected crappy wiring
  • Removed the “theft bar” from the game (an “operator thing”)
  • Located new molding for the bottom (still needs to be applied)

The only part I’m not happy with is the last line item, the bottom molding.  I could NOT find an accurate replacement with the same groove pattern.  Also, the barb on the molding I did manage to locate is not as long as the original, so I’m still deciding if I want to use an adhesive when I put it on.  I really don’t want to do that since it makes replacing it in the future a real pain.  But, the groove is wide, and the new molding barb is just not big enough to do the job alone, especially when going around the corners.

I just put the game in service at a local downtown store to see if I could draw some attention to the old classic coinop games.  Anyway, here are some pictures.

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