Me too.

I have a huge collection of all things Arduino – LCDs, touchscreens, cases, batteries, ICs, sensors, knobs, switches, wires and everything in between. And I can’t come up with a single thing to build and USE.

I’m not an academic hacker so I like to make things I need, or at least things I can use. Wiring up LCDs for the sake of it had my attention when I first started tinkering with Arduino but the mystery is largely gone from that sort of thing.

So far I’ve only designed and built 2 things that I actually use. A wireless sensor array that I’ve used to figure out when the mail man is here or the kid tries to get out of his room at night and a PIR sensor that turns my basement workshop lights on automatically when I go downstairs (and off again if there is no movement for 15 minutes). If I’m honest, both are more or less academic since off-the-shelf X10 components would have been cheaper and easier for sure.

Even my “wander around but don’t bump into anything” robot was only neat until I realized how completely useless it is.

Someone, please, give me a practical problem to solve before I go crazy and sell all of this stuff to take up golfing!


(Hey Matthew – don’t reply telling me to buy an FPGA, either!)