F18A MK2

F18A MK2 Isometric


The F18A MK2 is the next iteration of the 9918A VDP replacement project I started back in 2011.  When I first set out to make the F18A one of my primary goals was to have the board be the same size as the original 9918A VDP, which means fitting in a 600-mil wide, 40-pin DIP package.  Due to the limitations of PCB manufacturing available to hobbyists at the time, and my lack of experience in PCB layout, I was not able to attain that goal.

Old Problems

The first F18A is almost twice as wide as the 9918A VDP, which makes it a problem when installing in some of the various systems that used the original 9918A/9928/9929 VDP.  Some of the systems placed the VDP very close the perimeter of the main board, or had tall components next to the VDP IC.  Another problem was the VGA header, which protrudes from one side of the F18A board and makes it even wider.

F18A vs 9918A

Here you can see an examples of the F18A not fitting in a Memotech 500 MSX1 computer, and the problem fitting the F18A into the ADAM computer, which required an additional special PCB to offset the F18A.

Memotech 500

F18A not fitting in the ADAM

F18A ADAM Adapter

I made the adapter for the ADAM, but I soon realized I would not be able to make adapters for all the possible systems where the F18A could be used.  It was very frustrating for me, and I’m sure for some users of the F18A.  I also decided to offer two styles of PCB pins to help get the F18A “up and over” neighboring components in some systems, particularly the ColecoVision console.  You can see here the “Tall Pins” vs “Short Pins” options next to examples of the original VDP from various systems with heat-sinks attached.

F18A Pin Options

Availability and New Beginnings

I have always tried to keep the F18A available for the community as long as there was a demand.  Since 2012, 550 F18A boards have found homes in retro-computers of all kinds.  Since this is a hobby for me, when I run out of F18A boards I have to wait for there to be enough demand to have another 100 boards made.  That is about the minimum quantity to keep the costs “reasonable”, so there was always a period between runs when I would not have any F18A boards available.

In May 2017 I ran out of my last batch for boards.  After a month or so I had not received any requests for more boards, and I thought maybe the F18A had run its course and the market was saturated.  Apparently everyone who wanted an F18A had one.  It was not until early August that I received a request for a board, and come November it had only crept up to about 50 requests.

It was at this point that I started to seriously consider the MK2.  Since it had taken almost 6 months to get up to 50 requests, I speculated that it would probably take another 6 months to reach 100 requests.  If the demand stayed linear then that would give me time to produce the MK2.

Compared to 2012, the PCB capabilities available to hobbyists now in 2018 have become pretty amazing.  Specifications that I could only dream about in 2011 are typical now.  I attribute a lot of this to the cell phone industry which is constantly pushing the size of electronics down, and the density of PCBs up.  When PCB houses update their capabilities to support big industries, the benefits trickle down to the rest of us.

Also in the 5 years since I chose parts for the F18A, the cost of FPGAs has come down as well.  Today I can get a Spartan-6 FPGA, with more than twice the capability as the Spartan-3E I used for the original F18A, for less than I can get the Spartan-3E!  The Spartan-6 opens up a lot of capabilities to making the features I need in the MK2 possible.

With the necessary part costs now within the realm of possibility, the PCB capabilities available to make the MK2 board the same size as the original VDP, and the increasing demand for another runs of boards, it was time to make the MK2 a reality.  Thus I began work on the F18A MK2 in earnest.


At this point I would like to apologize to everyone who has been patiently waiting (and still have to wait a few more weeks) for an F18A board.  I do not like to release vapor-ware, and until I had a working MK2 prototype I was not going to mention the new design.  If I could not get pull off the new design, I would just make another run of the original F18A board.  So far that has not been necessary, I hope no one is upset, and I really believe the MK2 will be worth the wait.

F18A MK2 Features

This is the candy portion of the story: the feature list.  The MK2 was designed to solve some specific problems, as well as add new features to allow it to be used in more systems (future plans), or as a general purpose FPGA development board.  Two of the most obvious features are the Digital Video output (TBD, most likely DisplayPort) and the size of the board.

I’m sure some people will be unhappy about the Digital Video output instead of VGA, but it was probably the single biggest complaint / comment about the original F18A.  I believe the first thing most people do is get a converter for the F18A to go from the VGA output to Digital Video.  Also, the availability and small size of the cables and connectors made a digital format a simple choice to make.  Modding cases will be easier for people, plus the audio problem is solved for those who can manage to hook up a single wire in their system.  For those who still want or need VGA, Digital Video to VGA converters are available to fill that requirement.

The primary features of the MK2 over the original F18A, as related to the 9918A family of VDPs are:

  • The MK2 is 52mm x 19mm, which means it is the same size as a standard 600-mil 40-pin DIP socket.
  • No pin-options are required for various systems.
  • The MK2 outputs native Digital Video via an on-board connector.
  • The MK2 has an audio input pin that can be used to inject the host computer’s audio into the Digital Video signal.
  • The MK2 powers-on much faster and should not cause problems for computers with short Power-On Reset circuits.
  • Dual-voltage level shifting is used for all host-system inputs and output pins.

The MK2 will run the same core as the original F18A, and I am also committed (and still working on) fixing certain firmware problems with the original F18A.

New features of the MK2 that will make it possible to replace other VDPs in the near future:

  • The MK2 has 512KiB of on-board SRAM that will be usable as VRAM.
  • There are 14 general purpose 3.3V IO pins available, in addition to the standard 9918A host interface pins.
  • Mode-1 pin for 9938-compatible retro-fitting in a 9918A-based system.
  • Standard JTAG interface.
  • More than double the FPGA resources in the Spartan-6 LX9 over the Spartan-3E used in the original F18A.

Some trivia and technical-specs for the curious:

  • The MK2 schematic and PCB was created with KiCAD V4.0.7
  • All prototype PCBs were made by OSHPark
  • The MK2 requires 5/5-mil trace/space for escaping the FPGA and routing the SRAM
  • The FPGA is a 255-pin BGA with 0.8mm pitch
  • All the capacitors are 0402 ceramic (that’s 1.0mm x 0.5mm!)
  • There are 6 level-shifters on the board, 5 are on the bottom and are 1mm x 2mm 8-pin, 0.5mm pitch BGA
  • The voltage regulators on the board are the same as some used in the iPhone-6s, only I used the larger SOT-23 package
  • I assemble the prototype boards myself using a home-made reflow oven for the BGA ICs, and hand solder the reset with hot-air
  • I use a 70x stereo microscope for soldering / assembly
  • The MK2 uses about 120mA when operating normally

Here are some renderings and photos of the actual prototype:

F18A MK2 Top

F18A MK2 Bottom

F18A MK2 Proto Iso

F18A MK2 Proto Bottom

F18A MK2 Proto vs 9918A


As of this writing, the MK2 is currently in prototype testing.  Almost all the new features are tested and working, and I am currently waiting for the revision “H” (yes, that is EIGHT prototype revisions) PCBs to arrive from OSHPark.

I would like to take a moment to say “thank you” to OSHPark!  They are an awesome service and have made this whole project possible thanks to their affordable prices, easy to use website, and great PCB capabilities.

Once the final PCB prototype is proven working, I will email everyone on the waiting list and open my web store for pre-orders.  Based on the actual orders made by people, I will place the order with the PCB manufacturer to have the MK2 built in quantity (the scary part).  Last time the manufacturing took about 2 or 3 weeks.  Once I get the boards I will program, test, and ship them out.

I expect to get the lasted PCB back in about 10 days, and I will do the assembly and testing.  So if everything to according to plan, I hope to be able to place the big order sometime in July.

Since I have gone ahead and announced this new board, I will also be trying to keep the status updated more regularly.  As of right now I plan to post the on-going status in a thread on the Atari Age forums, in the TI-99/4A subforum (https://atariage.com/forums/forum/119-ti-994a-development/)

Atari Age is my primary retro-computer hang-out, and there is a great community and a lot of information there.  I highly recommend you check it out if you have any interest in retro-computing of any kind.

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    Great news, love the HDMI feature too!

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    Oooooh, I’m gonna want 2. One to replace the current F18a in my TI, and another for my Adam. Does this qualify as a request to be put on the waiting list?

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  • Victor Steerup

    I have original F18 and it works well, does everything claimed. Would like replacement for T.I.M. Does “9938” compatability mean I would need S.O.B. for a TI? Would like to use X80, XHI, YAPP, Funnelweb DR90 and EA90 again. Thanks for all of your hard work on this project.

    • matthew

      The MK2 will not have 9938 functionality for a while. The first release firmware will have the same core as the current F18A. I’m not sure 9938 + F18A-enchancmetns can be made to co-exist, I’m still working out the possibilities. At the very least I plan to produce a 9938/58 specific firmware for the MK2.

  • Colin Little

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  • Ron

    Thank you so much for the update — very exciting for sure! I’m glad I’m on your backorder list!

  • iKarith

    If you have micro-HDMI to panel mounted HDMI boards, I’m totally on board with HDMI. Faster hookup. Audio still out the back? Also, if someone has a Mk 1 installed, is the Mk II going to leave a big hole in their case? One of the cool things about the VGA connector being on a PC slot blank was that it could be installed on some systems (TI-99/4A) in such a way that hid unsightly case cuts.

    Conveniently my Dell 2001fp and 2007fp already have HDMI installed (via adapter) as I don’t like DVI cables much. No audio that way, unfortunately, but most of my HDMI sources have no audio anyway.

    • matthew

      Case mods and such are totally up to the user. Adapting from the MK2 video connector to a back-plane or just going through the case and using a wire-clamp strain relief, etc. is up to the end user.

  • Art Cate

    Put me down for one

  • matthew

    Please use the contact form to request to be put on the MK2 mailing list. The comments are for, well, comments related to the post. Thanks. Matthew

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  • Marten Feldtmann

    I would be very interested in this add-on. How much is it and how is it added to a specific Z80 computer system ? Does it connects like the original video chip ?

    • matthew

      I’m not sure what the final cost will be yet, I’m still finalizing the video output since certain formats require licensing the technology.

      As for interfacing with a Z80, it should be very easy, and the circuit would be exactly the same as the original TMS9918A VDP, except you don’t need anything except the host interface connections: CD0..7, #CSW, #CSR, MODE, INT, RESET, +5V, GND. I have a post here on my website that gives the F18A pin out, and the MK2 will be very similar. You can also look at the MSX1 systems for an example, or the ColecoVision; both of those systems are Z80-based.

  • Jordi

    “and I am also committed (and still working on) fixing certain firmware problems with the original F18A”

    Does that also include the problems PAL users have been encountering with some games freezing or not booting? That would be awesome!

    • matthew

      That is pretty much exactly the problems I’m trying to resolve. It has been very hard to find the problem though, even with a logic analyzer. I’m still working on it though.

  • Richard Balkins

    I got to get one for the TI-99/4A and maybe even one for my Apple IIgs (could I be a little evil there…. lol) and the GreenArrays EVB-001 where F18A has a little different meaning as those being the F18A (18-bit Forth computers on a chip) nodes in the GA144 (which is a chip that has 144 of these 18-bit Forth computers).

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    I am interested in the F18AMk2 as well. Just got a retro computer lot on 7/14 which luckily had a TI99/4A (my family’s first computer when I was kid). Seems to turn on and outputs to my LCD TV (made my own component cable from the RF adapter DIN plug).

  • jaysunten

    Will this work with the Baby Pac Man Vidiot board? It would be nice to install a flat screen in my pinball machine.

    • matthew

      It should work, but I have never had access to a Baby PacMan to try. The F18A is electrically compatible with the 9918A/9928/9929 so I am very confident it will work.

  • Pavlos Katsaros

    I am in for an f18a board for my ti99/4a old or new.
    Please countme in

  • Michael MacDonald

    Was in Atari age forum, and I don’t think I’m at all wrong on this. You’re not the manufacturer of this part. You are the designer. The company you hire to fabricate and assemble the PCB are the manufacturers. They are the ones who would have to have the HDMI license.

  • Michael MacDonald

    Also, I would like to be put on the waiting list :D. I just got a reply back from HDMI.org, and they confirmed that if you have your board manufactured someplace that is HDMI licensed, you should be fine. I hope that helps, but if it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll figure something out :D.

  • Gregg Eshelman

    I suspect many people would be happy with a true bitmap mode for 256×192 graphics. Even if only accessible via assembly language programming, that would make much better looking games possible on the TI-99/4A and MSX-1 computers.

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    Great news on the MKII!! was thinking the F18 would slip into obscurity, not so with the MKII

    Put me down for 2 please

    Also I am writing F18 drivers for the 6809, will post a link when the bugs are worked out.
    For the other poster, i know someone that wants to try these in super pac and baby pac.
    Will post that also when we get the time to try.
    Thanks agian

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  • Cal Odom

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    Just wondering if you had an updated ETA,, I know you want this thing to be solid when you release it!

  • Andrew Arthur

    Hi Matt, it’s just become known to me that ColecoVision/ADAM users may want to be able to change option switch USR 1 on the fly. As such, would it be possible with the F18A Mk2 to make it easy for the installer to be able to connect USR 1 to a case mounted on/off switch? The reason for this is that in many games the flicker is horrendous and as such setting USR 1 such that it takes advantage of 32-sprites-per-scanline is great. However, some games take advantage of the original VDP limitation of 4-sprites-per-scanline to mask sprites as necessary. An example of the latter is in Antarctic Adventure, when the penguin falls in a crevasse, the bottom of the penguin is hidden inside the crevasse and looks correct with the 4-sprites-per-scanline limit. However, if USR 1 is set to 32-sprites-per-scanline then when the penguin is in a crevasse, the whole body can be seen including its lower half that should be masked. Therefore, being able to easily switch USR 1 based on what game is being played, via a case mounted switch, would be a great feature to be able to implement.

    Would love to know your thoughts on this.

    • matthew

      The jumpers on the original F18A, and the switch on the MK2, pull an input to ground if the jumper is on or if the switch is closed (in the case of the MK2). If the jumper is off or the switch open, the input is pulled up via a weak pull-up in the FPGA. This makes it easy to add a switch to your case if you want that external functionality. For the MK2 this would require soldering a single wire to one pin of the user switch for whatever function you want to control externally.

      Since the sprite limit is also controllable via software, another option would be to write a simple program that allows you to select the sprite limit. The selection will survive a system reset since the external sprite user switch is only checked at *power on*.

  • Daniel


    Your work is awesome. Please add me to your mailing list once you start taking orders.
    Thanks, Daniel

  • I am thrilled to see that the F18A is not dead, and the new feature list is wonderful. I’d love to include the F18A mk2 in the next version of my HD63C09 homebrew singleboard computer (original writeup here https://hackaday.io/project/345-hd6309-singleboard-computer ) so please put me down for two F18A mk2 when they become available!

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  • I have a 6502 SBC that I’m working on now, and a 6809/6309 project planned. I’d love to use the F18A Mk2 for one or both of these. Can you put me on your waitlist for two units?

    • I would love a link to your project. Are you planning on selling these? If you are, I’d be interested in porting my games. There’s a commenter with a 6309 SBC above that wants to use the F18A MK2, and another commenter further up who’s writing 6809 F18A drivers.

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  • Looks interesting… I’d like to be on the waiting list for the new part (F18A-MK2)… I’m assuming approximately the same price (≈$100)?

    • matthew

      The price is not established yet, since the hardware is still changing. Price is always a concern, and I try to keep it as low as possible.

  • James Jennings

    Have these been released yet?
    I would like one.
    Any plans on adding line doubling, tripling feature for hdmi output?

    • matthew

      Not yet, soon.

      I’m not sure what you mean by a line doubling (or tripling) feature means? 256×192 pixels is going to look the same no matter how many high-resolution lines you use to draw them. The MK2 will most likely generate a 720×480@59.94Hz signal, and the original 256×192 image will be pixel-doubled (512×384) and centered in that area (like the F18A does with the 640×480 resolution).

      I’m sure your 1080P (or 4K) TV will happily up-sample the 720×480 video.

  • I have been wanting an F18A for years now. I hope I don’t miss out on getting one of these!

  • Matt, how do we get on the mailing list?

  • James Vincent

    I have two f18/a boards that I have just pulled out of storage. I had them both running at some point 6 years ago. I think they are version 1.3 Can I update the firmware myself from a ti/99A. Also, I would like to be put on the list for a mark 2 version when it becomes available. Both boards were working.

    • matthew

      Hello James,

      Sorry for the late reply. There is an in-system software updater for the F18A available for the 99/4A computer. You can also use a JTAG programmer if you have one. Last, I have an update service on my web store which costs $1 plus shipping. I highly recommend you update to the latest firmware, which is currently V1.9, released in the summer of 2019.

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  • Patrick McMichael

    The last video upgrade I did to a TI-99/4A was the 9958 Yamaha chip based update from Oasis Pensive Abacuters out of Canada. The video upgrade was great, but their SoB “Son of a Board” (daughterboard that if I recall replaced a GROM or two), overheated all the time. I actually landed in the hospital within 24 hours of kicking it from a blood infection, presumably from soldering that thing in and out way too many times trying to address a heating problem that ultimately had to be dealt with via a fan blowing in the back.

    Anyhow…this is FPGA based, so not based on Yamah’s next gen chip directly. I see it emulates the original VRs from the 9918 and adds about 40 more. Instruction wise and mode-wise, is this based off of the 9958, or does this truly just support the original 8 VRs then go off in it’s own unique direction? Also, what does this mean for 40 vs 80 column display?

    • matthew

      For the T80 (80-column) mode I did the implementation in a 9938/58 compatible way, so existing code that sets T80 mode will work. I also tried to stay compatible with the 9938/58 within the original 8 registers, and a few other places. Beyond that, the F18A deviates from the 9938/58. For the MK2, I’m looking at a long-term goal of making 9938/58 version since I need it for my own MSX2 computer. I’m not sure when or how exactly I’m going to get it all worked out though. Need more hours in a day…

  • P Kambasis

    Hi Matthew, can you please add me to your waitlist for either the standard model or updated MK2.
    That is, if you’re still planning to make them. Thanks so much and take care! -Peter

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    I have 3 happy MSX Computers with F18A and Firmware Ver1.8 Installed.

    Thanks for all your hard work with this project.

  • Cameron

    Any new developments in this device? 🙂

    • matthew

      The video problem has been resolved and I’m moving forward again. I hope to have MK2 boards before the end of the year 2019.

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  • Patrick McMichael

    I’m working on getting my hands on a TI-99/4A. So mad I let my old one go…it had the TIM/SOB combo from OPA, though the SoB fit it’s other namesake better…overheated constantly. I had a Horizon RamDisk, CorComp TripleTech…Myarc disk controller for up to 3 1/2″ 720K…all sounds ancient now, but it took that old system a long ways. Anyhow…when I get my “new” TI (possibly not in quotes with one I have a lead on still boxed), a video upgrade with HDMI out is perfect!

    Can’t wait for MK2 to be available.

  • Patrick McMichael

    I have a TI-99/4A console coming, a FinalGROM99 and the JediMatt 32K sidecar expansion (ready for TIPI down the line). Now I will need to update the video — my last TI was running the 9958 via the TIM / SoB offering from OPA. The F18A MK2, especially w/ HDMI and smaller profiles sounds perfect! Any updates on timing and estimated cost? Can I be on the list?

  • Wonderful!

    Tursi over on Atari Age was kind enough to advise me you weren’t only making another batch of your F18a but a Mk2 version. I have to say I really like the direction you have taken, and many thanks for your hard work on this project.

    I would really, really appreciate it if you would kindly put my name down for a MkII F18a for my ADAM computer when you are ready to produce them.
    Thank you again.

    Kind Regards,

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    • matthew

      Not yet, but I’m working on the MK2 as much as I can. I hope they will available before the end of year 2019.

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    Hi, Whats the status of the project? Will this available or HDMI licensing forced to use another format?
    I have a old MSX1 model with VDP broken, maybe i can replace the old TMS with this chip and use the new video ouput.
    I’m concerned about the fact that this machine had the infamous Toshiba VDP clone so probably pinout is not the same but maybe i find a way to build an adapter.

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    I definitely must have one of your F18 MK2 boards.
    Would you mind adding me to your list, too?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Would it be correct to assume that this would work in the Tomy Tutor, as well?

    • My apologies! I see now that the original F18A worked on the Tomy Tutor (I forgot that). I assume there’s be no issues with the Sord and Tatung Einstein models that used the TMS9118, correct?

      • matthew

        There should not be, but I have never physically had those systems so I can only say it should work. The F18A has been tested in systems that originally use the 9118, but for the life of me I cannot remember which one.

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  • Hi Matthew,
    I’m looking for video solution to create an autonomous MicroPython system (Like the Maximite board but running MicroPython instead Basic).
    So I need a video output.
    I do see in Retro-computing video chip approach a perfect solution for makers and hacker while its still support the basis for text display while still allowing some graphic mode.
    Until know the VERA sub-project (from Commander X16, The8BitGuy) seems to be the only interesting solution.
    See https://murray2.com/threads/buying-vera-board.444/page-2 for more information.

    Someone mention your project and as I see, it seems also very interesting.
    Do you know where I could find wiring, specification, code example (any language) that could help in using MK2 with a MicroControler?


    PS: I’m not an electronic guru and reto-computing guru but I’m good in code portage (see the GameDuino MicroPython portage https://github.com/mchobby/pyboard-driver/tree/master/modvga ).

  • Frank

    Hi Matthew, I don’t if you are aware of the commander X16 project by David Murray a.k.a The 8Bit Guy, Frank van de Hoef, Kevin Williams and others to build a retro style 6502 based system with an FPGA based graphics solution called VERA by Frank van de Hoef. as there is very little information about the status of the VERA “chip” but much more demand than on the F18A MK2 I think maybe it would make sense to ask if they might use your module solution as a host platform for the VERA too as this would increase the demand on modules for a bigger production run.

    By the way please add me for two F18A MK2. Thanks for your awesome work!

  • Jesper Udby

    Hi Matthew,
    can I pls reserve two boards?
    And do you perhaps have an ETA?
    Happy New Years

  • Kees Alderliesten

    Please, add me to the waitlist too. Thanks!

  • Ken Cohen

    Hi Matthew
    Can you please add me to the list?
    Thank you

  • scott diamond

    Hi Matthew I left a request some time ago to reserve a MK2 but I have not seen anything show up here yet. If something went wrong please put me on the list.

  • Bill

    Hi Matthew, great work! Please put me down for two. Thank you.

  • Vinicius Cordeiro

    Dude, this project is amazing. I arrived here after a Google search, because Ben Heck is releasing on YouTube the building of a Z80 single board computer/badge for the upcoming Midwest Gaming Classic, and that gave me the itch to recreate a modern version of the computer of my childhood, a MSX1 computer by a Brazilian manufacturer. So, searching for alternatives of the no-longer produced ICs, just found your project.

    Please, do NOT put me on the waiting list, though, I’m still making plans and studies, may even not building it at all. I’ll keep my eyes on this project anyway.

  • Can I get added to the list?

    thank you

  • William Miller

    Please add me to your wait list! And thank you!

  • Michael

    Hope I’m not too late, please put me down for one.

  • Kees Alderliesten

    Could you add me to the list? Thanks!

  • Jeff

    Please add me to the wait list for an mk2

  • David Caine

    HI—-Matthew—-can you share the next release date for the mk2—–i ordered 3 a couple of years ago now—–i live in the UK.—–in the meantime are there anymore VGA connections available.

    • matthew

      I won’t be making any more of the original MK1 boards, only the MK2. But I will be open sourcing the designs if anyone wants to make one for themselves.

  • Jason

    Please put me on the list for my ti99

  • Jason Hill

    Hi Matthew, very interested in the progress. Please reserve one(two if the runs big enough) for me as well. Keep up the great work!

  • Greetings Mathew,

    Please add me to the list of people requesting an F18A MKII board.

    Robert Webb


    I have your first board and LOVE it! My machine is usable once more.

    I congratulate you in your perseverance, guts and commitment to your idea. You have carved out a small but important place in our Hobby computers History for yourself. I smile thinking about it. Thank you.

    I feel, even if there are no “extra’s” over and above the original 99/4A video-out chip and function, the addition of the possible VGA port or officially supported DVI port (to unofficial HDMI) you will have saved thousands of our computers from trash dumps.

    All of the people that I know that might want to play with their own TI only have HDMI ports on their television, or think that HDMI is the only connector used these days! Your device will breathe life back into our old silicon.

    As far as I am concerned, every one of our machines in the wild should have your F18A MKII add ons. I know that in my household the entire family will be able to play ‘Hunt the Wumpus’ on our 65″ television in the living room (with the sound off. That BEEP should have been an option) or Scott Adams Adventure Game with popcorn and paper pads making the map. The machine will have a life decades after it was considered and orphan.

    Take your time. I don’t retire for another year and a half. So… there you go.

  • Adam Birnbaum

    I would also love one for my ColecoVision.

  • Jason Hill

    Hi Matthew, I would like to reserve a board as well? Two if you make enough.

  • Hi Mattheww,

    In recent times I have spent more TI hobby time using MAME (as I prefer SNUG TI-99/4P emulation, but hate the keyboard emulation). I haven’t really planned any TI-99/4A hardware additions, but due to the Corona Virus restraints keeping this 78 year old prisoner in my own home. I’ve started using my old F18A/USB SB TI-99/4A w/Speech and NanoPEB polishing up my TIB+ project from long ago. I have a great home network setup that includes a great 4 port K/V/M & 8 port GB switches. Meaning that I have two laptops, one Mini-PEB Win7 Pro, and my TI all at one workstation using same monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse. Much more FUN than MAME SNUG-TI emulation!

    To the point: Please put me down for one F18A MK2. It may be dependent on price, but I do still have one other working non-SB TI-99/4A for which the composite via HDMI converter sucks. It’s located at a separate desk with the SNUG-TI system (EVPC not working!). Please make this dream come true, real soon.

  • Sangwoo Shim

    Hi Matthew, thanks a lot for your awesome work and please add me to the list as well!

  • Sangwoo Shim

    Please add me to the list for mk2 too!