Recursive Descent Child-Watching

Yes, this is a true story.

Recently (if you consider the course of a year as “recent”) I have been interested in parsers, particularly the kinds that are used for creating programming languages, which include as a subset, expression parsing. Such an expression might be: (1 + 2) * 3 – (4 / 5). This […]

Steve Irwin, A Good Man!

On September 4th, 2006 the world lost a good man. I’m talking about Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. A public memorial service was held for him today, September 20th, 2006, at the Australia Zoo and broadcast on Animal Planet. I cried. I remember the morning of September 4th when my wife pulled up the news […]

Kids Are Great

Kids are great! They do things you don’t ever expect and you get to watch them grow and form their own little personalities. It’s hard work, but it’s fun and totally worth it! I highly recommend it.

I have a good friend, Mitch who lives in Kentucky, and recently married. He was up visiting for […]


My name is Matthew. By definition I’m pretty much what you would expect a geek to be except I don’t wear broken glasses held together with tape, and I do have a real life aside from the technical aspect. I live in a small technology-proof town somewhere in Michigan, I’m somewhere between 30 and 40 […]