Bank Switch Mini 256K

Bank Switch Mini 256K

When I started selling the Classic 64K Bank-Switch Boards on the CHC store, I wanted to follow Jon’s lead and offer a cartridge shell. Currently the only place to get a 99/4A cartridge shell is to removed the circuit board from an existing TI produced cartridge, at least until […]

A Wireless Motion Sensor Array – Part 4


Yea, I thought the hard part of making these sensors was over too. Boy was I wrong. Prototyping on a board I could plug in to the wall was pretty easy. Going from zero to a working transmitter/receiver took a few hours over a couple of days and that was mostly because I’m a […]

A Wireless Motion Sensor Array – Part 3

You might be thinking that the project is finished and that you should take what we have already, slap everything in a box and start using it. Indeed, you could, but we need to talk about the most important thing of all : POWER.

Until now I powered both the receiver and the transmitter via […]

A Wireless Motion Sensor Array – Part 2

In part 1 I got the RF links talking to each other. In this part I’m going to wire up the PIR sensor so the alarm only goes off when it is tripped.

Upload this sketch to your transmitter Arduino (very, very close to the initial sketch) :

The only thing I added was […]

A Wireless Motion Sensor Array – Part 1

The goal of this project is to create portable battery powered motion sensors that I can use around my house and office with multiple receivers (one in my office, one in my electronics workshop, one up in the bedroom for night security). I’m even going so far as to put one on my front porch […]

The FPGA Development Board

In August 2007 I finally decided to purchase an FPGA development board. I chose the Digilent Spartan 3E Started Board, which is actually still available for the same price I paid 3 years ago… I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing? Anway, I made my choice based on a […]

F18A – FPGA Based TMS9918A

The TI-99/4A Master Title Screen on a VGA LCD monitor

Development Journal Index: The FPGA Development Board September 7, 2010 FPGA Education, Books, and Community February 1, 2011 Learn VHDL or Verilog? February 5, 2011 Making Boards July 14, 2011 F18A PRE-ORDERS Open! February 9, 2012 F18A Features July 21, 2012 Mounting the […]

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Activision® PITFALL!™ by Retroclouds

Now play PITFALL! on the 99/4A. Written in 100% assembly language, this faithful port offers responsive game play, smooth animation, wonderful sounds, and hours of fun.

Cart 64K Board

If you want to […]